About the Trust

The Berkeley Reafforestation Trust is a charity dedicated to planting trees and protecting forests in damaged environments.

Our primary focus is on parts of the world where forest destruction is threatening the survival of local communities. We are also active here in the UK in promoting environmental education and an understanding of the importance of trees to us all.

The increasing threat to our native trees from new and deadly diseases is a serious national concern. Elm, chestnut, oak and most recently ash....the list goes on. The Great British Elm Experiment is one of our projects active in this field.

As a small volunteer organisation we have minimal operating costs. Our role is to raise awareness and funds in support of our partner organisations that actually implement programmes in the field.

Founded in 1987 the Trust has funded over twenty projects in eleven countries.

Forests play an important role in many aspects of our lives one of which is their contribution in the battle to alleviate climate change and global warming. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, the principal greenhouse gas.

Visit our carbon calculator to quickly work out the carbon emissions you and your household are responsible for producing.

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Current Projects

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Past Projects

Ecuador, India (Orissa), Kenya, Madagascar, Nepal, Niger, Sudan, Zimbabwe

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