Why trees?

The world’s forests can seem remote to the modern city dweller but we are all dependent on the trees growing within them.

The water cycle, climate regulation, soil protection and flood containment – forests play a central role in all these areas.

They are also the source of timber, cellulose and many pharmaceuticals. Guardians of bio-diversity and providers of habitat.

Industrialisation, population pressure and climate change have made forest protection an ever higher priority. And yet forest destruction in many parts of the world is proceeding at an unprecedented rate.

The Berkeley Reafforestation Trust focuses on marginalised rural communities dependent on their local forests for daily survival. Trees that conserve and enrich their soil, that provide fuel wood, fodder, building material, fruit, medicine and shade.

A final word for trees. From the life they bring to an urban landscape through to the majesty of the great forest ranges, trees bring beauty into our lives.


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