Past projects


Plantations in the Nile Valley, Sudan © BRT


Establishing tree nurseries in the Sierras in the Quito region. Reforestation programme in partnership with CARE International (1992 - 1995).


An innovative programme enabling subsistence farmers to plant trees on marginal land and earn and sell carbon credits for doing so under the Kyoto Protocol. Ground breaking application of modern information technology systems which has huge potential for addressing issues of rural poverty and isolation in many parts of the world. In partnership with TIST (2005 -2011).


Creating a model tree nursery & community woodland. Providing training and outreach in Maasai territory around the Chyulu Hills. In partnership with Maasailand Preservation Trust (1995 – 2003)


Development programme in the eastern state of Orissa. Establishment of fruit plantations and promotion of the Moringa tree, the leaves of which have remarkable medicinal and nutritional values. In partnership with Trees for Life (2000 -2006).


Agroforestry programme in partnership with Money for Madagascar and the United Protestant Churches of Madagascar SAF (1990 - 1992).


Establishment of nurseries and woodlots on unfarmed marginal land in the Terai – the lowland area abutting the Indian border. In partnership with CARE International (1991 – 1994).


Restoration of a degraded and unmanaged state owned forest and facilitating its transfer to local community ownership. In partnership with SOS Sahel (2000 – 2007).

Uganda - lady in her plantation © BRT

India – moringa leaves © BRT


Establishing nurseries, fuelwood lots and shelter belts in the Nile Valley abutting the semi-desert Shendi area. Promotion of fuel efficient stoves. Restoration of a degraded community forest in Northern Kordofan and rebuilding of silted up reservoir. In partnership with SOS Sahel (1988 – 2000).


Zimbabwe Fuelwood Research Project in partnership with Kew Gardens. Analysis of different management strategies and species selection in growing trees for fuelwood (1997 - 2000).